Mindfully Crafted.


About Nathan Williams Photography

Nathan Williams Photography offers fine art photography services in the bay area. We love to explore the connections between the things we make, the things we use, and the life we lead. We believe that we can craft the life we lead just as carefully and deliberately as we craft the things we use.

About Nathan Williams

Project manager by day and fitness enthusiast, knitter, photographer, all around serial hobbyist by night, Nathan has always been fascinated by the construction of everyday things. After working in a bakery one summer during high school, he became passionate about natural living and being immersed in the "slow movement" by crafting and cooking, not just consuming and digesting.

Ever the optimist, always the overachiever, he believes that anyone can accomplish anything when they chose to remove their mental and emotional roadblocks. Now, Nathan translates his passion into inspiration for others to take control of their lives and reach for their highest aspirations.

Also a lover of language, some of his favorite words are betwixt, haughty, superfluous, braggart, unctuous, desiderata, and delightful. Nathan lives in the SF bay area, has two boys, a husband, and two grey cats named Roark and Koshka.